Travel + Service.
Unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Singular Humanitarian is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 organization of LDS YSAs/MSAs serving in sustainable humanitarian development around the world. We embark on service expeditions that bring together 40-50 dynamic, like-minded singles from all over to experience an extraordinary country, people and culture on a week-long service adventure.

This unique service environment takes each of us “off the grid,” totally immerses us in the local culture and creates real intercultural and human connections. We deepen our perspective and make a sustainable impact as we use our skills and talents in truly meaningful ways while having the time of our lives. We work side-by-side and celebrate the progress made on village-determined development projects in medical, dental, education, economic development and construction.

Unforgettable. Impactful. Inspiring. Real. Fun.

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