Development Projects:

Education: Assessed four schools, shadowed five teachers, led teacher development workshops for three days.

Health: Treated 150-200 patients while concurrently training 20 rural health promoters, three doctors and six nurses.
Economic Development: Held 4-day business training workshops, consulted alpaca weaving co-op members, explored new business idea.

Construction: Dug and completed water line.

Project Updates:

Adventure/Cultural Experiences:

  • Worked side by side with local villagers every day.
  • Participated in arrival and farewell celebrations and dancing.
  • Enjoyed social and cultural events and a day-in-the-life afternoon experience.
  • Pre- and Post-Expedition travel options separate from the expedition: Lake Titicaca, salt flats, colonial La Paz, Peru/Machu Picchu.

Expedition Vitals:

  • Location: Huancuyo
  • Expeditioners: 32
  • Service Hours: 1,900
  • Villagers Impacted: 100s

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