Development Projects:

Economic Development: Held three days of business training workshops for 25 current and future local entrepreneurs on improving their businesses with training on marketing, operations and finance.

Construction: Dug large pits for nine individual homes? bio-gas digesters to provide a cooking source that is more sustainable and prevent respiratory and vision health concerns, painted dozens of school desks and one of the school rooms.

Project Updates:

Adventure/Cultural Experiences:

  • Worked side by side with local villagers every day.
  • Participated in arrival and farewell celebrations and dancing.
  • Enjoyed social and cultural events such as kabbadi, yoga, and a day-in-the-life afternoon experience.
  • Pre- and Post-Expedition travel options separate from the expedition: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mt. Everest base camp, trekking, India, Tibet, China.

Expedition Vitals:

  • Location: Samibhanjyang
  • Expeditioners: 26
  • Service Hours: 1,040
  • Villagers Impacted: 100s

Expedition Gallery