Development Projects:

Education: Conducted teacher development training with 20 local teachers including English language training.

Health: Held health/sanitation and nutrition workshops for 120 villagers, treated 40 dental patients with cleanings and extractions, conducted eye clinic for 270 villagers and distributed 250 sunglasses and 120 reading glasses to those in need of eyewear.

Construction: Dug two large latrine holes and started the foundation for the bathroom structure at the schoolhouse, painted the schoolhouse and assisted in a reforestation effort.

Project Updates:

Adventure/Cultural Experiences:

  • Worked side by side with local villagers every day.
  • Participated in arrival and farewell celebrations and dancing.
  • Break day visit to the Incan ruins of Moray.
  • Enjoyed social and cultural events and a day-in-the-life afternoon experience
  • Pre- and Post-Expedition travel options separate from the expedition: Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Incan ruins, Nazca lines.

Expedition Vitals:

  • Location: Chaupimayo
  • Expeditioners: 41
  • Service Hours: 1,640
  • Villagers Impacted: 100s

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