Our Stories. Our Impact.

Serving with Singular Humanitarian satisfied my soul in ways unique from my day-to-day job. I had never thought I could be interested in working in healthcare, but that strong impression from Guatemala remained and led me to investigate and switch just a year later to a career in elder care.
Bryan Fisher
Guatemala, Mexico
I experienced the gamut of emotions: the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  I was exposed to the reality of harsh living conditions and brutal effects - physically, mentally and emotionally - of poverty.  I witnessed the greatest Christlike love among the people we were there to serve but in turn served us.  I felt a unity in purpose with fellow expeditioners that suggested we could accomplish anything.
Rebecca Hawkins
A highlight for me was to be able to have a personal relationships with those in Kenya and the volunteers of Singular Humanitarian and CHOICE.
Courtney Berente
Overall this was an AMAZING, life-changing expedition. You all did an AMAZING job. It was a joy to be with you. I would recommend a CHOICE expedition to EVERYONE I know and I would DEFINITELY go again! Love you guys!
Carrie Drake
To this day I still consider this experience as one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. There are so many stories I could share including climbing waterfalls, exploring caves, and motorcycle rides with the villagers. But despite all the adventures we went on, the thing that stood out to me the most was the unity of this village. Everyday life in Nueva Concepcion was so happy and peaceful, and I believe that is because the people of this village had truly become united like a large family. I want to be more like that.
Brad Baird
The New Year’s celebration was a blast! Also, just being able to see what these people do every day and how they live.  It was awesome to learn from them and serve them!
Hali Hicken
My experience highlights were interacting with locals, teaching my areas of expertise, interacting with participants and witnessing the day-to-day lives of the locals.
Kevin Yea
This weeklong experience can have a life-changing effect on you. There is no quicker way to bond with people then through exchanging service and love. I have never been in such humble conditions, worked so hard, experienced so much pure joy, and felt so close to my Savior! While I may never understand the full impact of my efforts, I am 100 percent sure of the major impact this experience had on me!
Erica Moran
This expedition was incredible! I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf. I'm looking forward to my next expedition with CHOICE already!  It was an incredible experience spending a few days with the people of the Polochic. It far exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to come back. Thank you again for making it what it was. It was an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
Carole Cannon
My experience with Singular Humanitarian changed my life—I was thrilled to be on an adventure.  I really enjoyed getting to know and having fun with the incredible people I met on the expedition. I expected that I would experience a new culture and have a pretty good time, but I had an amazing time. I danced with the villagers, ate Nepali food, saw their way of life, and experienced in a very real way, a way of life that is very different from my own.  It changed my way of thinking to know that the world was much bigger than I had previously experienced, and there was a great deal of need for service within it.  My life was truly changed by both the experience of the expedition, and the impact of meeting my amazing wife there.
Bryan Scoresby
Nepal, Kenya
I’ll never forget the moment I met a Mayan Q'eqchi girl named Anna. She was 14 and had beautiful long hair and dark skin and eyes. After we had spent some time together, she pointed at my Smartwool socks that I bought for the trip and was concerned I didn’t have shoes on. She took off her broken, too-small, dirty flip flop and offered it to me. My heart broke. Here I was with 5 pairs of shoes upstairs, and this girl who owned maybe 1 pair of flip flops, was generous enough to give it to me. What a moment of humility for me. It made me realize how much more I need to be generous, like Anna. Her curiosity, humility, kindness, and love will stay forever in my heart.
Nellie Fogg
This was an opportunity to give something back.  In the USA, we are so blessed materially.  I truly feel that gives us a responsibility to give and help others.
Steven Myers
Kenya, Mexico
A highlight of my experience was meeting the other expeditions and developing friendships and the unconditional love of the Kenyan people.
Jennifer McCullough
Kenya, Guatemala, Mexico
Thank for making this trip possible, it was a wonderful experience!
Dallin Large
Guatemala, Kenya, Peru
The entire experience reminded me of the impact that just one person can make within a child’s life as well as a community.  It is our dedication to our profession that determines our successfulness.  We all can strive a little bit harder to improve what we do and to serve a little more purely without expecting anything in return.  I also realized the impact I could have in the future by helping bring awareness to education in these same sort of small villages.
Lindsey Robb
Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador
During a quiet moment, I felt the prompting, “It’s all about service.”
Lauren Brady
Kenya, Mexico
My experience was enriched by the awesome group of LDS singles - teachers, lawyers, assistants, doctors, students, entrepreneurs, etc. all united together, following our Savior's footsteps of service to our fellow men. These LDS singles are some of the greatest people I've had the privilege of knowing. There's something about serving, sweating and sharing experiences together that forms a truly unique, deep, long lasting friendship.
Eric Chang
I am 100% glad I came on board. I thought it was incredibly well organized and I knew that I would be taken care of being so far away from home. I wasn't able to serve a full time mission, and so this was as close as I could get to something like a mission and I was stretched out of my comfort zone and really grew as a person.  I was not expecting this trip to have this kind of positive effect on me!
Sarah Worlton
I know that it was a lot more life-changing for people who hadn't traveled as much, or had similar experiences. It was just an awesome experience. I have been talking it up to all my friends since. It wasn't a single experience, it was everything. The people, the participants, the leaders, what we were doing. It was all a packaged deal. It was just amazing.
Michael Ong
I loved, loved, loved interacting with the Kenyan people and with all those who came on the expedition.
Wendy Pugmire
Kenya, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador
I enjoyed interacting with the locals and seeing how they live.  I appreciate seeing life through other perspectives.  I enjoyed seeing the locals interact with all of us.  It meant a lot to me when the locals expressed how grateful they were that we were there sharing in a once in a lifetime experience.
Chandler Prince
Overall, it was just what I needed. It was the first humanitarian trip that I had and I was just happy that I was able to live through the week in a camping life-style and still be happy to be there. I wasn't sure if that would happen…but the people in Polochic were wonderful and I do miss their smiling faces.
Amy Boehl
SHE’s making an impact on the world with LDS singles.
John Dzado
I had heard about the wonderful experiences other people have had.  I was wanting to do something service-oriented and meet new people.  One of the highlights for me was the intercultural exchange during activities like teaching, dancing, planting.
Julia Evans
Guatemala, Mexico
This is an organization that is all about uplifting people by teaching and training them in multiple aspects of life.
Olivia Masino
This is an LDS singles group that is focused on sustainability instead of just putting a band-aid on the problems.
Denise Pons